Frequently Asked Questions

Wide view of decorated reception hall with chandeliers
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We offer tours by appointment. Click here to schedule a tour.

We are able to accommodate up to two-hundred (200) guests.

We list our available dates on our website. Click here to see a list of our available dates.

We do not keep a cancellation waiting list, but as soon as a date becomes available we will post it on our available dates page. Click here to see our available dates.

You can secure your wedding date in three easy steps:

  • Check the most recent date availability (click here for available dates)
  • Email us to confirm your chosen date
  • Mail your signed contract and first payment 

Dates are booked on a first come basis. Once the contract and first payment are received, we’ll send a welcome email confirming that the date is secured.

While we'd love for you to tour in-person, some brides have booked before visiting. If you would like to do so, please contact us via the tour page here.

Payments are due at booking, then nine (9) months, six (6) months, three (3) months, and one (1) month prior to your wedding date.

We accept check, cashier checks, or cash.

We designed our venue to be beautiful both inside and out, so no matter the weather, you can rest assured you’ll always have your perfect day. Our open air chapel is suitable in light rain. In case of inclement weather, your vows will take place in front of our picturesque windows overlooking the valley.

Yes. We know your pet is family so we welcome dogs to be present for photos before and during the ceremony. A designated handler is required. Dogs may not come inside and must be moved off-site after the ceremony. Prior approval is required as certain breeds may be restricted.

The bridal suite will be open at 10:00am. The Groom’s suite will be open three (3) hours prior to the ceremony start time.

Rehearsal times will depend on what kind of rehearsal you choose. The options are:

  • Day-Of Rehearsal: Day-of Rehearsals are included. They begin three (3) hours prior to the ceremony. This frees up your evening prior, allows for everyone to be in-town, and to rehearse at the correct site based on that day’s weather. Rehearsing takes 15-20 minutes, so there’s more time for photos and relaxing throughout the wedding day. The bride is tucked away in the bridal suite and may enjoy a few quiet moments to reflect, to shoot bridal portraits, or to read a love note from her groom. 
  • Off-site: Off-site Rehearsals (local hotel, restaurant, Airbnb, home) may be coordinated with your wedding planner.
  • Opt-Out: Everyone will be guided step-by-step by your wedding planner on your wedding day.

We host one wedding each day to ensure that each couple’s event is special and receives our full attention.

To make the best use of outdoor photography and natural sunlight, we suggest starting March - November weddings at 5:00pm prior to daylight savings ending. For winter weddings we suggest starting at 4:00pm.

Wedding end times are 10:00pm on Friday/Saturday and 9:00pm on Sunday. There are several after-party options we’re happy to share with you if some of your guests would like to continue the celebration.

Yes. There are several hotel options about twelve (12) minutes away in Canton, Georgia.

Our parking lot can accommodate approximately eighty-five (85) cars.

Since we host one event per day, our fee structure remains the same whether you hold your ceremony on or off-site.

We require a seating chart because it provides a smooth process that allow couples and families to sit together and eliminates extra costs for additional seating and tables.

We’ll need your final guest count and floor plan at your final planning meeting which is typically scheduled three (3) weeks prior to your wedding.

To ensure we are able to properly clean and prepare the venue for the next event, all items and vehicles must be removed from the venue the night of your wedding.

Table number with candle and decorations
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Yes. We have upscale, elegant decor including centerpieces, votives, candleholders, easels, signs, card boxes, and more. Our selection is included in your package and we will set up and break down the decor for you.

We know it’s fun, but to protect our decor, we can’t permit it. No worries though, you can click here to see photos of our decor.

Yes, candles are allowed as long as the flame is completely contained in a candle holder. Open tapered candles are not allowed for safety reasons.

Our estate tables are nine (9) feet long each. Our round tables are sixty (60) inches wide in diameter.

Yes. Linens and table settings are provided through our exclusive caterers and are included as part of the package pricing.

Waiter holds tray of appetizers
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Yes. Your planner will work with you to create your timeline, communicate with your chosen vendors, and be with you during your big day to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Yes. We require that you select your caterer and DJ from our exclusive vendors. Other licensed and insured vendors may be brought from outside and approval is required. To make it easy, we provide a “Vendors We Love” list of suggested vendors who are pre-approved. For new ones, a fee may be applied if vetting is required.

Yes! While we do not host bands, the following live instruments are permitted: violins, cellos, harps, flutes, keyboards, and non-amplified guitars.

Yes. The caterer and DJ are a key component to the success of your day. With our exclusive caterers and DJs, you can be assured of professional and excellent customer care.

Click here to see our exclusive vendor page for more information including menus and pricing.

Tipping is optional, but always appreciated. Customary suggestions are below:

  • Hair and Makeup    15 - 20%
  • Transportation       15 - 20%
  • Caterer Servers      $20 per
  • Bartender                $50 - $100 per
  • DJ                              $50 - $100 per
  • Wedding Planner    $50 - $100 per
  • Venue Staff             $20 per
Red cocktails on glass table
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Yes! We welcome you to bring beer, wine, and two signature drinks. Bartending services are provided through your exclusive caterer. If you prefer, some caterers provide the option to purchase alcoholic beverages directly.

Our Bride Guide will have a Bar Notes section for guidance.

Yes. Liquor may be served in up to two signature drinks. To keep the bar moving quickly, the bartender will premix signature drinks in urns. If using a carbonated mixer (i.e. soda), one signature drink may be hand poured. For liability reasons, no shots or straight liquor can be served.

Below are some of our bride’s favorite signature drinks:

  • Arnold Palmer: Bourbon, Tea, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice (no pulp)
  • Whiskey Sour: Whiskey, Sour Mix, Simple Syrup
  • Whiskey Lemonade: Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup
  • Margarita: Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice
  • Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, Orange Juice (no pulp in fruit juices)
  • Cosmopolitan: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice
  • Summer Squeeze: Cruzan Rum, Lemonade

Yes, if alcohol is being served.

No. In the past, we have seen the bar slowed down by keg lines, broken handles, malfunctioning kegerators, and other unforeseen events that can leave you and your guests beerless. To ensure smooth bar operation, we have opted to no longer permit kegs.

Yes. Discuss this with your caterer so they have adequate staff to pour and serve.